Monday, June 4, 2012

A little stitching going on. Monday Tip day

As I set down today I thought what am I going to do for tip day. I decided I would see how long it took to make a mug rug from scratch all by machine. This isn't made for anyone in particular just made one.
Christmas is coming and it is a little stocking stuffer thing I can make off and on and have several between now and Christmas. I used leftover batting that is cut off of a bigger piece and neutral background prints I have left over. Thought about making them reversible also. The other thing to work with this is potholders. I know after a few years I need some new ones. This is another quick idea or stocking stuffers. Then on to the disappearing nine patch blocks. I have 24 of them made now and more squares cut out of my scrap sorting and slicing and dicing. I have a lot more scraps to get through, but my hand gets sore and I quit and sew a little. It is raining off and on and to wet to go out and do anything in the yard.

This cutting of blocks and making them into something else is addicting.

The main tip today is don't plan to much because it never gets done. I am still working on the sewing room, but life gets in the way. Maybe will take me a little longer to get through the tubs I have to cut, but someday it will be done. Recycle, Reuse and Re purpose all you can. Chris

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