Saturday, June 30, 2012


This is what we started with. Very rough and primitive cabinet my son and husband made years ago. Here is the finished cabinet in the house. It got done today and was brought in to set in the kitchen

We found these handles at the hardware store and they looked like they fit an old cabinet so they were bought the other day. It is all finished and ready to be filled with home canned foods.

The inside was nasty rough wood so Jeff mixed some paint and got a mauve paint mixed up and sealed the inside. Then he varnished the shelves so they would wipe off easier.

Tomorrow we will start cleaning out the pantry and getting the old food dumped and the jars all washed. I canned a lot three years ago and then my husband got sick and couldn't eat. I used what I could but a lot has gotten to old to trust using. I pressure can all the food I put up to make sure it is sealed well and thwe bateria is killed in the veggies and fruits I do. Chris

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