Sunday, July 1, 2012

Are you a Finisher or a UFO Producer????

Confession! I am a UFO Producer. I love the process of doing hand work or machine work, but I get bored with it. I have to be doing something else in between or I get so bored doing the same block over and over. The color changes in scrappy quilt helps somewhat, but I must be easily bored. I have to be doing something different every few days.

Hence I have a hand piecing thing going on and about 4 scrappy block patterns in the process. Confusing no, but a lot of unfinished business is going on in the sewing room. I like the finished pieces and yet they just don't get done.

My husband starts something and stays with it until it is complete and he can't start anything else. He really gets frustrated with me because I have so many things going on.

Grandkids are still here today and tomorrow so I will try and get a few more things done on my 9 patch in a square blocks and not drag anything more out so I get in trouble. Hopefully I will be able to get the cabinet filled in the kitchen we brought in and get some things straightened up around here. Going to be hot and also humid. Stay cool Chris


Katie M. said...

If I'm 'actively' working on something - it will be finished. But if I'm just 'trying something', I guess it's a UFO.... I see a pattern or a technique that I want to try, and I might or might not like it... sometimes I will like it and put fabric aside to do a complete project using it. But I do care for A LOT of orphans! Maybe I need to start doing my 'try it' blocks in Christmas print and then at the end of a year (or two) I could have a nice sampler style Christmas quilt....

sewyouquilt2 said...

I have lots of UFOs so I guess I need a "finishing" class. LOL The good thing is most of the work is done so I just have to get cracking to have a project done. still doesnt stop me from starting a new one though.