Friday, July 6, 2012

Enough is Enough..........

Like many across the US we have had really high temps and high humidity. Today is 9 days in a row. I have had enough.

You stay inside because it is so oppressive to be outside and yet if you move around to much inside you feel the heat also. I resorted today to putting sheets over my drapes in the living room. I have sheers up at the west window and heavy drapes over the top of them. I finally put a flat sheet up over the heavy curtain to insulate the window more from the heat. I have kept it to about 79*F in the living room with the A/C at 70*F and running none stop. I hate to see my electric bill for next month.

Jeff has been working in the garage and had a window A/C on out there, but when he comes in at night he shuts it off.

I have tried sitting under the ceiling fan to get a windchill and yet the chair feels warm after you sit there for awhile. Glad I don't have leather.

I have been trying to do something constructive with my time in the chair and I have been working on some hand work. I will show you picks in a couple days when I get a little farther along.

Right now it is 102*F and the heat index for our area is 116*F. We live in the middle of a corn field and the humidity off the corn plants makes it horrible to breath when you go outside.

Check on your neighbors and the animals outside they have water and shade. Stay Cool Chris p.s. They say we only have one more day of this and it will cool down for a few days. YEAH!

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Katie M. said...

Living in Arizona, I understand heat, but when you hear us 'desert rats' refer to our heat as "it's a dry heat", trust me - it does make a difference. Last July when I was in KS it was 110 degrees and I thought I'd die from the humidity. My sister & brother live in FL - OMG! forget about air, they breathe water down there. I do hope things improve for you....