Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Have you wondered what goes into a yard of fabric?

I thought about th fabric I have on my shelves. Where did it come from? Is it printed or dyed? Is is made in the USA? Is it a quality fabric or did I just like the print?

I have been attracted to prints in the past because of color or the print. I get up close to the fabric and it is quality is not to my liking. So why is that?
I am a touchy feely person when it comes to fabric. I really don't like to order on line because of this issue.

If it is from a well known company maybe I would order it. But at times the fabric lines are made on several different quality of fabric blanks to be sold in different class weights and quality lines.

This is why when you buy a fabric at a LQS and find the same print in a Big Box Store it never matches. The quality of the blank it is printed on is different. Color alone can be different which is a color lot number is different. Each batch of fabric that is dyed has a color lot to it just like yarn. Each batch can vary slightly and also the fibers of the fabric can accept the dye differently. After all it is an organic plant product and it all is different from plant to plant.

Truthfully not sure how much fabric is even made from cotton grown in the USA anymore. Many other countries can grow it cheaper than we can and we buy fabric from these countries.

With cost going up on fabric and the fuel cost let alone the processing fees for getting a yard of fabric we all maybe will be looking at how much we purchase. I know I will. I will be using what I have and not complaining.

I looked on line at the process of making cotton fabric from a plant to a yard of fabric and it was interesting. Lots of handling is done and then we wonder why it costs so much money. Chris

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Katie M. said...

You mentioned the cost of producing the cotton fabric and fuel - well, when you think about it - fuel plays a part from the planting to the picking of cotton as well - no wonder the cost of fabric has gone up. I'm with you on using what I already have and unless I'm going to make a 'super special' quilt, I simply can't afford to be shopping at a LQS - and the closest LQS is 50 miles so there I go again with the fuel cost..... never ending