Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Process

I drove to town today and noticed kids aren't even outside playing. Jeff and I talked this morning and we wondered how many days were over 85*F and yet we have had a record amount over 100*F and the summer is not over with yet. This is what I have been doing in between kids and canning, cooking, and laundry and sleeping. I keep plugging away at these blocks. They are 12.5 inches square and I have 18 out of 24 of them done. You can see the creases in the background I pressed in to make a center point and the radiating seams from the leaves make the pressed seams corner to corner on the block. Great way to center the block and have it look good. They are then appliqued into place and the backing is trimmed away behind the flower. You can see the press line meeting up to the center seam on the hexie seam. This is such an easy guideline to use.

I need to get this one finished and pick out a few more color combos to use to get the 24 done in a few days. I am going to seam then together in rows and then hand quilt each row and piece them together. Easier to handle and not as much bulk to handle in this heat.

Just to hot to be out in it and yet I feel like Winter. We pull the blinds and keep the house all shut up to keep out the heat. This season will go down in the books as a Long Hot Summer to say the least. My electric bill shows how hot it has been. Oh Well can't take it with you Right! Chris

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Katie M. said...

Your blocks are coming together nicely, I look forward to seeing the quilt assembled, I know it will be awesome. As for heat.... here in AZ where I live (50 miles NE of Tucson) I think we have been cooler than most of the states having this unusual (for them) heat. Right now we're getting the monsoon humidity, and THAT I'm not used to - I much prefer our "dry heat" :-) Anyway, stay inside and be creative - I love seeing what you're doing...