Thursday, July 12, 2012


Quality is my issue. I have purchase tons of hand sewing needles over the years. With over 50 years of sewing I have gone through my share of needles. The right one for me is not made any longer. It was strong kept a sharp point and was the right length for my hands. The second from the right is the one that works the best. I save it to use when I do hand quilting. At sometime the needles I have will be gone and then what am I to do.

I have tried about every needle available in my area and have ordered some also and nothing works as well as the J. P. Coats needles that aren't available anymore. I have tried Dritz, Prims, John James, Clover, Boyd, and many off brand also.

My choices are getting slimmer as we progress along here. The needles are a stamped item. They are machined and they are not the same as the needles we bought even 10 years ago. Some bend to easy and others dull very easy. What is up with this??

Has anyone had good luck with a needle I am not aware of? I do hand quilting and applique work. I also baste some of my quilts together or baste paper piecing. I would like to hear about the kinds of needles you like. Chris


Katie M. said...

Gee, Chris, I wish I could help, but I do so little hand work that I don't think I'd recognize the difference. But....I have bought 'lots' from thrift stores or estate sales that often has 'older' needle packs in them. Have you thought about looking along those lines for the needles you like?

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I'm not any help either. =( I do feel your pain when you have something that works and you really like it and then they discontinue it. Frustrating...