Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Piles of blocks adding up

Been quietly working on some of these blocks. Quietly meaning a lot is going on and nothing is good about it. This time of year my health usually takes a dump. Nothing drastic, but you don't feel yourself. The heat works funny on my system. Just uncomfortable.

I have a tendency not to eat well and also I experience more headaches and I think it is the weather and nothing I can do about it other than cope. Today we went outside and basically trim mowed around somethings we have been watering. The garden and the trees. The yard is burned up and all that is growing is the weeds. Yeah the weeds. The flower beds we worked so hard on are over grown with weeds agasin, but it is to hot to be out there to make a difference right now.

They are talking like we will get rain over the night time and it could be about 1-2 inches. Which is better than none.

Back to the sewing. 30 minutes to a couple hours here and there are about all I get to anymore. The main goal is to keep my hands in it so I don't loose interest before I can find more time to sew.

I have some things I want to make for Christmas presents and I need to get started on a few of them. Some I can show and others I will have to hide because nosey eyes will see them. {Taylor} LOL She always knows what she is getting the stinker. Chris


Katie M. said...

there is something about summer and sewing...too hot to spend much time outside, yet no energy/ambition to get things done inside. My issue is staying focused long enough to feel as though I've actually accomplished anything... As for Christmas, if I got started today, I probably would be doing the Christmas scramble come Christmas Eve ;-)

Exuberant Color said...

I have left most of the weeds in the flower beds to help shade the other plants. I have pulled thistles but not much else. We only got enough rain to wet the driveway around noon. Hope there is going to be more than that today or tomorrow.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

We really need rain, don't we?

Your blocks are looking great!