Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2nd picking

This is the second picking of the green beans. We have been lucky that we can water. It doesn't cost us anything. So we have kept the garden watered in all this heat. If we had to pay for water we wouldn't have done it. Here is the second sink full soaking to loosen the dirt. Have to snap the beans and place in the jars.

This was full. It is a 5 gallon bucket. Some of the older plants are starting to slow down, but I will get as many as I can. I have 6 pts and 6 qts all aready done. Today will get about the same. In the next couple days we have to dig beets.

This will all taste good this winter. I pressure can the beans. It isn't safe to do anything other than freeze them. Don't want botulism from beans that aren't handle properly. Back to snap another sink full. Chris

8pts and 6qts and a pan full to cook for supper. Pretty good for a small garden.

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