Thursday, July 5, 2012

No Engery

The heat is still on the heat index is right now 111*F. The Humidity is breath taking. Meaning you can't breath at all. It leaves you wanting to sit in the shower or in a cool swimming pool if it is in A/C.

Some have basements they can sew in and I don't. We have all the ceiling fans on to create a windchill. If 80*F in the house can create a windchill. At least the humidity is out.

Yesterday in the 7am time frame I went out and picked green beans. I picked 4.5 gallons of the beans and got them all canned yesterday. Today in the heat we moved some furniture from my neighbors. I bought an antique dressing table and mirror and a chest of drawers from her and we went and got the dressing table. She has to clean out the drawers in the chest of drawers. It will go in my bedroom. I will take picture of it.

It gives Jeff something to do. He enjoys working with wood an repairing and making it useful again.

Stay cool where ever you are. Chris

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Bren said...

The heat is terrible. I have the grandkids here too....they are leaving tomorrow, and have had them all week. Unlike your's, my granddaughter is not cleaning, but making messes!!! I can only imagine the quiet at your house.....