Sunday, July 29, 2012

Never know what quilting design to use.

To begin with I am not associated with Martingale & Company or with Connecting Threads.
I purchased this book through the Connecting threads website. I saw it was on sale and thought it would be a good reference book to have on hand to get ideas from. This is a complied book of quilting designs and combination of designs to make the best use of your quilting abilities. Some of the designs could be used in applique and others in combination with another could be used for almost any kind of quilting you would like to accomplish. As you can read it is for hand and machine quilting. Some is continuous line quilting. Borders and small motifs are also in this reference book.

There are suggestions as to the uses that could be done with these designs.

As many great quilters have suggested marking a quilt is very important to the final look of the quilt. Making the right markings for the quilting and planning the final look of the quilt is your final statement as to how the quilt will show when finished.

I am always overwhelmed with how to do this. What if I don't like it? What if it is to much.? Well I can make traced off drawings of these designs in combination with each other on paper and see what the final look will be.

As I said I am not associated with this company and yet I am recommending this book to those that are at a cross roads with their abilities and questions as to what should be used when finishing a quilt with the right quilting design. Chris


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

That would be a great resource! I never know what to do, either.

Katie M. said...

A little trick - get some clear vinyl from Walmart (or fabric store), use a dry erase marker to draw the quilting motif you're thinking of using and lay that vinyl over your quilt. It will give you a little visual of what that motif will look like. The dry erase marker can be washed off the vinyl with a wet paper towel then dried clean.