Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Red White and Boom Day

Been a busy day already. Got up had coffee and went outside and picked 4.5 gallon bucket of green beans out of my garden. This is the first picking. The bucket next to it is a gallon ice cream bucket. So later today the cleaning and canning will get started. We have company coming at 3pm for hamburgers on the grill. The potato salad is made. Need to make the coleslaw and then I have cut up watermelon. Not sure if I will make a fresh batch of cooked green beans also.

I picked these off of the pepper plants last night. I knew I had to do beans, but as I pulled back the leaves the mosquitoes flew up in my face. Today is a very warm day already. One in many. More to come. I have been to the store and got the things I needed and taken a shower in between. Dishwasher is going and the laundry needs to be changed. Just another day here.

Have a Happy and Safe 4th. Chris

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