Friday, July 20, 2012

Pickeled beets and fresh potatoes and fresh green beans

Lots of garden stuff being processed and dug. The last of the green beans were picked today and the potatoes are being dug for this batch. The cucumbers are coming right along and the tomatoes are starting to ripen so it won't be long and I will be canning them.

The lack of rain and the Japanese beetles are taking over what normally would be a bountiful year. We live on very rich black soil, but the well water helps but not the same as the rain. The heat has taken it's toll on the plants also.

I have been doing some hand stitch here and there, but I have been cleaning and rearranging rooms. We moved some cabinets and also a shelf was mounted on the wall in the kitchen for a TV. I dusted down the walls and ceiling and ceiling fans in each room. Then I decided to can.

So I really did a lot yesterday and I paid for it. Now I am trying to get caught up with other things. So I am not spending much time sewing. Stay cool Chris

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