Wednesday, August 1, 2012

OMG good eating this winter

We dug potatoes in the last week and we got about 35# of fresh russet potatoes out of the garden. With the heat we wanted to use up as many as we could and not let any go to waste. I looked on line and found a recipe to make hash browns to freeze. Start out with cleaned and peeled potatoes. Leave whole and grate them in a food processor or by hand or you can use any method that works for you.

Then you place the grated potatoes in boiling water. Has to be in a full boil. Bring the potatoes back up to a full boil and boil 3 full minutes.

I got the pictures out of order. This is the hand grater we use. It has a double cutting edge on it. Not sure of the brand because it was given to me.

After the full three minute boil drain them completely.

Place them in a tray or baking dish on clean kitchen towels to get dry. Then package them in amounts you use and freeze them. Cook the fresh frozen hash browns as you would any other frozen hash brown. This would be a way of saving potatoes you know you won't use up in time and then you are having meals ready portions in the freezer. I am going to seal in freezer zipper bags and they can lay flat in the freezer. Recommended you use them in 3-5 months after you freeze them. Letting them cool and I will get another batch started in a few minutes and we will have great hash browns this winter. Chris

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Katie M. said...

So nice to stock the freezer with your home grown produce. Your grater looks like it might be from Salad Master - my MIL gave me one years ago and it sure comes in handy when I'm grating large batches...