Monday, August 6, 2012

Riot of Color

Got up yesterday and went to town and got a few things at the grocery store. I went to my Mother's and grabbed some scraps she had been setting aside for me. Yes more scraps. These were brighter colors. Had to hide them so Taylor doesn't find them. Really it isn't that bad between us she likes to give me a hard time.

Came home and picked tomatoes and peppers and decided the canning needed to get started. These are stewed tomatoes with the onions and peppers already cooked in with them. I use this for soups and spaghetti sauce. Everything already cooked together this way. So 4 qts ready for the cupboard. Then the disappearing 9 patch came out and more sewing. My son has had a health issue that I have been stressed over and he has been to the ER several times in the last few days. He is out of town and I have been worried so I got the 2.5 squares out and started making 9 patches.

I made all the 9 patches and started slicing and resewing and I came up with these blocks. I made several early this spring and set it aside. Found more of my 9 patches I had cut out placed in another container when I was looking for some brighter strips that had been cut. Remember Taylor has been cleaning. I will find them.

This is the bin of scraps in the 2.5 square tub. She asked me the other day if I bought them that way. I said no I had picked up a piece of fabric to cut another sized piece off of it and then I cut it up into other size pieces and place them in the tubs to get out to work with at another point. She said believe it or not "Grandma you are smart. " I had to laugh. Not sure what is going to happen today.

My son has to go back to the hospital today for more treatment and we wait until he can get home then. He is getting good care where he is at, but when you are sick there is no place like home.

Suppose to be a nice day again today. No A/C yesterday and we slept with the windows open last night.

I have tracked threads through the house and need to clean some. I did get my kitchen floor cleaned yesterday. The automatic window on the passengers door of my van was acting up so that got fixed yesterday and the neighbor need some plumbing help. So our day was busy. Some laundry to fold and put away and I think maybe I can sew some more today. Have a Good Day.

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