Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Couple more done

I guess this wasn't the right bed to place these on. It is an adjustable bed and it wasn't laying flat when I took the picture. But as you can see it is getting closer to a done deal. Still more sewing to do. I have done several with the Olympics on TV. This is just another angle.

I think it looks like a period quilt. Like the 40's to 50's look with the hand work and the colored background of the green.

Suppose to be the hottest day of this week today. Slight chance of rain and yet it will be more humid later in the week and cooler temps. The doors are open at the moment, but as the sun heats up we will go back inside and stay there. Chris

1 comment:

Katie M. said...

It's really nice - looking forward to seeing it finished. I know it will be spectacular.