Thursday, August 2, 2012

A day from you know where

Got up this morning and decided we needed to mow the weeds. LOL. I had to go to the bank and run an errand. I got home to find my husband trying to push the lawnmower home. The motor on the rider blew up. The neighbor saw us pushing it and came down and before it was all over and done with the visit he presented us with a used riding lawnmower motor he was storing and it lined up with our frame and it works beautifully. We have a wonderful neighbor.

In the process of finishing up the mowing with the push mower I found out by mowing along side my van that I had a screw in the right front tire. So we stopped and plugged the hole.

I haven't felt real good today so we are both really tired so it is going to be a breakfast night for our dinner. I think it will be an early night for both of us. The stress of it all! Chris

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Katie M. said...

The kindness of others should never be doubted..... The media plays up so much negativity that we sometimes forget how kind humanity really is. Blessings to your neighbor who helped you be able to help others...
Hope you and your DH have a good rest tonight and find you feeling better in the morning.