Friday, August 31, 2012

One of many parts and pieces boxes I own

When life gives you a bunch of scraps make something of it. Is that a famous saying> I think not, but it is true. This is a box I get out from time to time and do some stitching with what is in it. There are scraps cut for sewing and yet I add some as I cut other pieces up from my working with other fabrics. Someday there will be enough for a quilt. Maybe only a lap robe, but I can say I used every last piece to an advantage.

Here are the two blocks I am accumulating in this box. I have more cutting to do before I can go any farther with them.
It was kinda fun to pickup something different last night to sew on and yet getting a few more blocks made to further my efforts.

I have been contemplating the Winter and what needs to be done before the cold hits. I know I need to purchase some staples for the house. Every so often I go on a staples buying spree. Flour, sugar, shortening and yeast. If we get snowed in I do some baking and we always have food in the house. I try to keep the freezer full and with the prices going up as predicted I need to watch more sales and get quantity. If you have tomatoes which I can and frozen vegetables like corn,beans, carrots, and peas a pot of soup can always be made.
I even make my own stock if I am cooking roast beef and chickens. Frugal is the word.

A couple split chicken breasts and some homemade egg noodles make a great meal.

We live on a tight budget and yet we eat pretty good for this budget. So flour in the 25lb bag and sugar in the 20 lb bag can last through several snow storms. Are you ready? Chris

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Katie M. said...

I don't worry about being snowed in, but the closest grocery store is over 20 miles away and with the cost of fuel these days, yes I stock up! And I would call it frugal and SMART!