Thursday, August 30, 2012

I am just here

Hi, how are things? I don't know anything new and I was wondering how your day has been?
The heat has come back and the A/C is running like mad. The shades are drawn and the house is gloomy because I feel like we are in a cave. I turn on the lights and think more electricity is being used. I am at a stand still with making decisions on the quilt projects I have started and in stages of being worked on.

I need to do Fall house cleaning but to early. We live in a middle of a corn field and the dirt and dust will be in the air while they are picking. It is so dry here it will be horrible this year.

I did a little trimming on some pieces today and need to get them sewn together. Then it is a choice to stop the making of these blocks and make more borders or make more blocks. I now have backing fabric for it so I guess I need to get off the pot and make a decision to get it done.

I have five tops almost or done that need sandwiching and quilted. My get up and go has got up and went. No desire today. Spent time with my Mom and went to the store and the garbage and sum total of my day.

Nothing new on TV tonight. Not a sport fan and yet I would just like to sit and not touch anything. Maybe a good nights sleep is in order. I didn't sleep well last night. No my mind wasn't working over time I was miserable. I am not sick just me I guess.

I read articles on the news websites of gloom and doom and then think maybe we don't have much, but we survive. I then think of the Pioneer Ladies and their trek across the prairies and no shelter from heat and bad weather and nothing to entertain themselves other than a Bible and a few pins and a sewing needle. The needle was bent and dull and yet they made hand pieced quilts to protect their families.

Many times they had hundreds of miles without seeing another soul other than the people in their wagons. They couldn't wait to get to another town or camp to talk to others to get news and supplies.

Why do we complain about being bored? Are we bored or not taught to entertain ourselves?
Dreams are cheap and eternal, Reality is current. Kick myself in the pants and get up and do something productive. Oh My where do I start??? Chris

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Katie M. said...

Hey, Chris.... The heat is awful when you're not used to it and the drought conditions are so bad for those who depend on the rain to help them with their crops....
I haven't touched a sewing project in a week - busy with family. Then took a couple days and went with friends to the mountains for some R & R... Another really busy weekend ahead and then next week I have to get some serious quilt making done.