Thursday, August 9, 2012

Getting bored

With the the Olympics on I have done more hand work and I am getting bored. I started another block this morning and I am just burned out. Need to go onto bigger and better things. I get close to the end of my project and I loose interest. I have done some machine piecing also lately. I made several more of these big blocks in the last few days. Need to assemble in rows so I can see how many more I need to construct.

I was lurking on a site I frequent and noticed that this blogger has seen some old magazines in a flea market. This led to me thinking of the box I have of old quilt patterns. They belonged to my Grandmother and I dug it out this morning. They are printed on the back of the sleeve that was over the batting rolls. Some are dated back to 1931.

All of the designs shown on the cover were available free with the purchase of batting at that time.

As you can see the directions are on the back and it even has quilting suggestions for the quilt top when done.

This is another type of older quilt pattern. It is on tissue like garment patterns are printed on. I am sure it is from the 30's - 40's. No date is visible on this pattern, but all the applique shapes are shown on the sheet.

See this is on the Mountain Mist sheet. It is the detail of the quilting for the borders.

As time went by the changed some of the patterns on the backs of the sheets. My Grandmother tried to find different battings and hoped she would get different patterns to collect.

In this blog I was lurking at last night they showed in this magazine this particular quilt pattern listed. I believe this one is from the late 30's group.

All of the directions and the fabric measurements are listed, but remember they use 36 inch wide fabric then so you won't have to buy as much of the 44 inch wide fabric to make these blocks. This pattern is a typical Red and Green quilt pattern with the Pomegranate pattern.

Here is another pattern that shows it is pattern # 24. There must have been a lot of these patterns available. At one time there was a book available from Mountain Mist that had a lot of these patterns reproduced in the book. I am luck to have some of the patterns from days gone by.

My Grandmother had no daughters so I was chosen to be the keeper of the patterns and they stayed in my closet all these years since I was 10 years old. 50 years of storage and I take them out and move them as we moved from house to house. The box they were in is finally falling apart and I need to find a better storage method for them.

I might have to copy them onto a flash drive and put them away from sunlight and never take them out but on special occasions. I need to add a note as to who owned them and how I received them for the next generation to look at. Chris

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Katie M. said...

Oh, Chris, what a wonderful treasure to have!