Thursday, August 9, 2012

Focus and Channel are impossible for me.........

I have this issue within my head. It is finding the focus point to get things done. My life is not my own and yet what would I do or could I do with all the time being my own time. I bet I would not focus anymore than what I do now.

Is it a flaw, is it overly passionate about certain things?? Or am I lazy??

I have lurked on several websites and blogs for the better part of 4 years now. I learn something new every time I look. Whether it be a design image or a pressing tip I still learn something.

Did you know when sewing opposing seams you should sew over the the raw edge side first and not the seam allowance. I learned that the other day. I do that but wasn't aware of why I did it. Luck!!!

I have this passion that wants to do so much more and yet I go to start something and I hold back. I look at my Mother's pile of started quilts and I look at my own efforts and I think who will finish them. I have no one in my family that is able or willing to try.

I read the blogs of others that have bought tops and quilt blocks in different states of being done from sales and I think is this going to happen to me? I guess I have to look at the fact at least someone has them and is putting them to use. BUT do I accept that? NOT...

I either need to only sew or I need to quit sleeping. Which will it be? I think neither. I need sleep and yet I need to sew and quilt.

Oh well, I guess I get done what I can in my lifetime and I accept the fact that I love the craft and I attempt to make it my way and the best I am able to do. Chris


Exuberant Color said...

My theory is to enjoy what I do, don't compare myself to anyone else, and not worry if some of my tops are sold when I'm gone. It's the enjoyment we get from making quilts that keeps us smiling and keeps us out of the head dr.'s office. Don't let the quilt police into your house!! Do what YOU want to be doing.

Hettie Pringle said...

Chris I do agree, I too learn so much from just reading other blogs. Sometimes not even about quilting but about time management or anything else.

You do however have to explain to me the sewing opposing seams doing the raw edge first. I just don't get it!