Friday, August 3, 2012

More heat and a tense day

My Rose of Sharon bush is in full bloom. Almost past prime at this point with the heat. We cut out burned up hostas back and they are regrowing. Not sure how they will look later on should be interesting.

We transplanted this Hibiscus this Spring and we didn't think it would bloom. surprise it is beautiful

The blooms are about 9inches across. They are huge.

The tomatoes are starting to turn . Afraid they will all be on about the same time and I will be canning like crazy.

I altered a pair of pants for my son and need to press them. He is coming here within the next hour. Today he goes back to court. It has been 8 months fighting with his ex wife. He is trying to hold the ground he had won in the original divorce that she won't follow over the kids and it has stressed me to no end.

Every time I get stressed I find myself at the refrigerator. No wonder I am so over weight. Good news I have lost about 20lbs and lots more to go. Chris

PS. Court went his way for a change. so stress over with for awhile. Chris

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