Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I am getting older!

No today isn't my birthday, but I feel ancient. My thoughts are old peoples thoughts or at least what I thought old people use to think when I was 20 years old. The aches and pains of aging the tired feeling and yet I still have so much to do.

Today was take care of my Mother day. She needed some errands done and she couldn't do them herself. She bought a new flat screened TV and the delivery man wouldn't take the old analog TV which weighted a ton so we had to take it to a recycling place. It was the next town away and she isn't familiar with driving there so I had to take her. With the price of gasoline jumping 30 cents in the last two days you need good directions where you are going. Well they sent us to the wrong place and it was a different direction. Needless to say the individual that did give us the right direction was dressed down over their people sending older people to the wrong place with the price of gas going up. I told him a memo needed to be sent out to all their pilot places to have the right directions. He agreed.

What happened to treat others like you would like to be treated? Especially if they are 84 years old and obviously need assistance. Good thing I went because she didn't know where we were at and she would have had all kinds if troubles dealing with the wrong directions.

How do some people get by in life and not treat others with respect? OK I am off my soap box. Phew glad that is over with.

Auditioning some fabric for sashing on these colorful blocks. Have three on hand that could work, but I think one is out of the running. I will take some pictures and get your opinions. Chris

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