Friday, August 10, 2012

Correct sewing direction for opposing seams

Ok I was asked what I meant by sewing over the raw edge on opposing seams. I will attempt explain.
After you piece as I have done with this section of squares. I press all the seams one direction. The same as I do to the next strip of squares I plan on sewing to the first one.

I flip the two strips so that the seam allowances are facing in different directions. I then skoot the seam allowances together so the seam lines are the only thing meshing together tightly.

I then align the presser foot with my 1/4 inch seam and stitch towards the meshing intersecting seam.

As you can see the raw edge of the pieced squares is trying to pop up and you stitch over the top of the raw seam allowance. This helps keep the pressure on the top to mess better with the seam allowance on the bottom. The top slides the pieces into the grove to make a perfect seam.

See here I sew over the top of the raw seam allowance edge and finish
sewing to the end of the strip. The key is to make them mesh together as you sew them. No pins are necessary this way. The proof is in the pressing when you press open the seam allowance and see how close you are.

Also in opposing seams when you flip it over the same thing is going on because you have opposing seams.

The pressed open block shows it works. No bunching like when the seams are the same direction and yet no slippage to they don't meet. I hope this explains my statement of sewing over the raw edge when sewing opposing seams.

As I said in the earlier post I read it in some one's blog sorry I can't give you credit, but I had been doing it for a long time and didn't know why because it works. It also gives you less bulk to machine quilt over because the seams are not on top of each other.

Today is canning day so I will be checking in to see if any of you have questions. "Try it you will like it ,"Mikey says. LOL Chris

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Hettie Pringle said...

Ha - now I get it. Thanks Chris. I do it this way too but simply because the seam showing away from me could flip or crease underneath without me seeing it. Never knew it will make the two seams lock tidier.