Monday, August 27, 2012

Color color and more color

Here are a few of the blocks sewn together. I still need to applique the hexie in the centers of these. I had 2.5 inch strips of bright fabrics and I cut out the pieces for these wedges. I sat and sewed a lot of them together so I can have variety when making them into the blocks. As you can see lots of color is going on with this.

When I cut the wedges out of the rectangles I have sewn together I have leftovers. I looked at them and determined I can reuse the leftovers. I sewed the straight sides together and re cut them into more of the wedges for this block. Nothing goes to waste with this fabric. So I have twice the amount of wedges after using the pieces.

Here they are to be re cut for more wedges. I have a Scottish background and I guess you can say I am scotch when it comes to fabric. I don't like to waste a single inch of it. LOL

I did learn a trick when sewing the wedges together. Start at the outside edge to start your seam. It makes the seam more even and it flows under the presser foot much easier.

Up early and decided to get some sewing done now. Suppose to have dense fog today so it will be a challenge for kids to get to school today.

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