Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My days are busy

This is the latest project outside. My neighbor had two decks taken down and we salvaged the wood to make a deck and ramp for the kitchen side of the house. We hauled all the wood over to the van and drove it around the block and stacked it in the garage. That took two days. This is two days of work now cutting screwing it and trying to get the frame work sturdy enough to be a solid piece.

Where Jeff is in the picture is recessed steps to the main part of the deck. On the back side along the house wall will be a wheel chair ramp. We don't need it for him yet, but the steps are getting harder to take and he thought while he was still able he would build them the way he wants them to be. A herd of elephants can walk across them and they won't budge.

They will be closed in so nothing blows under them and gets trapped. Couple more days and they will be ready to pressure wash and stain. Talking about pressure washing my house is getting done tomorrow. More work. Chris ps. no sewing the last few days I get in the house and collapse.

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