Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ok I listen to you gals

Yesterday the mood was down. I posted about it and decided last night to listen to advise I was given by Katie, Catskill Quilter and Amy. These are some of the shapes I traced out for an applique project I want to do. I have one block started and needed to cut out some of the leaf shapes. The marking tool I got out to use was dried up and I just gave up on that project. See I give up to easy.

I then read my comments on my blog and saw that Katie suggested hexies. Well I have a love hate relationship with them. I love to do them and it amazes me of the combinations I can come up with, but I sit to long and don't get up and move. I really need to be walking 10 miles a day and I would rather sit because the pain with the arthritis gets to me so bad. Another story! So see what I did do last night. Yes I started another scrappy project and I was hooked for a couple hours. My husband just frowns when he sees me bring out something else to work on. I plan on getting a kit together to have some to go with for this project. I found my templates and printed them out and grabbed thread, pins, scissors and scraps and I was content. Today I have to move some or I will be permanently stuck in the chair. But I will get to them when I do sit down.

The white is an off white on off white print. It was cut as a border for a quilt and this is what is left over. Tomorrow I will show you the scrappy English Paper Pieced Hexies I have started to assemble into a quilt top. It will take a century to finish, but it uses up small pieces.

Here are the shapes I used. They are 3/4inch on the long side. Not very big. The block is about 5 3/4 inches square when finished. Lots of small pieces will get used up with this one. I hand tacked all the seams down to the templates and whip stitched all the pieces together.

Her is another example of EPP I have done. The completed flower shape is only 2 1/2 inches across. The half flower is the same. I made each hexie shape about the size of a nickel. Also the hexie fabric I used is a combination of two strips sewn together in the middle and fussy cut them so they look like a layered flower when sewn together.

Here you can see the joining of the hexies to make the flower layered look. Thank you ladies. Now onto bigger and better days ahead. Chris

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Katie M. said...

Oh, Chris, I love your hexies. I pull mine out and play for a little while then they go back in their bag. I know I'll end up appliqueing flowers to fabric and that will be the quilt from them....