Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yes I am nuts just ask Me

This is all cut out by hand and sewn by hand. Lots of scraps and yet I am still not making a dent in my scrap piles. This is a light colored flower look. I am also making a full colored flower look. I think it will be half light and half darker colors when I get them all pieced. I need connecting pieces and yet not sure of what I will use. I just arranged on the bed to show the ones I have done. The darker colored flowers will have to be alternated to get the look I want. Maybe a black solid for the connecting sections.

This looks like a flower and as you can see the overall look is more vivid.

This is a 12 inch ruler laying beside the two blocks. small pieces, but yet it is a nice size block when done.

Another WIP. Oh well I get tired of the same thing all the time. If I don't get some things finished soon I will be overwhelmed and nothing will get done. I have to mow today and yet I plan on making a couple more over the next few days. I have decided I need to live to be 150 years old to finish everything. LOL Chris


Exuberant Color said...

If you are going to consistently stick with darker greens for the leaves, then a lighter green would be good for the connecting pieces. It will just look like greenery in the background behind a bunch of flowers.

Katie M. said...

I really like those, Chris. I agree with the comment before mine - a lighter shade of green maybe.