Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Not much progress here

I pulled this fabric out to make another hand pieced flower with EPP and haven't touched it since.

Yesterday was hot and also it was busy. We mowed three yards in less than 2 hours and got everything put away before the heat got to bad. I felt really exhausted after the fact. Today is suppose to be the same as yesterday if not worse. Have to go to the store for milk and dreading that trip. They are surfacing the road by us and the delays are horrible. Should go now and maybe beat the guys starting on the road.

Got a little very little more sorting and cleaning done in the sewing room. The ironing board can come down today and maybe I can get a container filled with the smaller scraps instead of all over the floor and tables. This room has huge window on the west side of my house and by afternoon it gets really warm in here even thought the blinds and the curtains are shut.

So after the store and then the sewing room. I need to run the vacuum and yet I hate to when it is so hot. Been reading a lot of quilting blogs and I get the urge to sew and then something else comes up to do. Next week the grandkids are coming to visit their Dad for a week and it maybe will be a busy week here also.

Stay cool today. Chris


Valerie said...

It's difficult to find motivation in this heat, I SO understand. Supposed to be awful today too! I've been doing more cleaning of the sewing room during the day, and in the evening when it cools off (and my kids are in BED) trying to get my sewing done.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Yesterday was a hot one, that's for sure. I think today is feeling much better. =)