Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Where does time go?

Today is the 20th of June. My My the month is going away fast. The kids are barely out of school and the school supplies are starting to show up on the shelves at the big box stores.

My plans for this Summer haven't begun yet and time is running out. I wanted to paint all the bedrooms and yet I haven't even started. My mind wanders and I get nothing done.

The last few days I have had quilt ideas running or I should say chasing around in my head and yet I can't make myself quit with the thoughts. I have so many started and yet nothing is getting finished.

I always said I wouldn't be my mother who has 17 tops sewn and not quilted. Then here I am with three pieced and not quilted and about 7 more started. I guess I loose interest before I get something done.

I have two grankids that will graduate from 8th grade this next year and I need to think about what I am going to do for this event. Everyone gives them money and it slips between their fingers real fast. I would like to do something that will be a lasting memory and yet something they will like. Have to ponder that one for awhile.

Christmas comes first and I really am clueless over that event. Two birthdays in July and August to get through also.

Is it I am getting older or more worrisome about all this coming. Maybe both. LOL The gray hair is coming in thicker and more prevalent and the eye sight is not as clear. Hey I know it I am getting old and senile in my old age. Off to do some hand sewing.

I did the dishes sprayed for weeds in two yards cleaned the coffee pot out and all before 8am this morning. So some spark in the old girl yet. Ha! Chris

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sewyouquilt2 said...

have a cute money idea for you.take a small box such as the ones checks come in.make a slit on the top of the box the width of a dollar bill. then take the money in lower bills and tape them end to end to make one longstrip.I use 20 ones. fanfold it like a fan at the half dollar distance until the whole strip is fanfolded down to about 4 inches long.tuck it into the box leaving just the end out of the slit. and tape something to the end of the money. Now when they lift the "something" up, the fanfolded money comes out of the box. just a fun little thing. I bake a cake and cut out space for the box. the money is inside the box so never touches the cake. it never fails to amaze the kids! their friends now ask for them LOL