Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Here is my yardman. He is outside doing something if he can. Today he is making shelves in the shed to store stuff on. This is the backside of my house. Here is more of the garden you see from the street when you come into the neighborhood. My house is on display on three sides. Front, back and South side. The North side is the driveway.

Here is my watering lady. I bought her at a gift shop at the hospital where I worked. She has sprinklers in the cabbage roses she has in her hands.

This is the next project. Remember we redid the chair and made it look antiqued. Well this is and old piece. It was a shelving unit in my son's house and he tore it apart and made this cabinet for his then wife. She wanted it and then never came for it. I wanted to keep it for his daughter for later in her life and he delivered it to me yesterday. So Grandpa is going to fix it up and repaint it and distress it for her. I will keep it here for her until she is ready for it.

This house is over 125 years old and this was a shelf in the basement. It was thick boards and they were wider than normal. Primitive but it will be useful when it is done. Bad memories for my son.

He was going to leave it in the garage and I said I would use it until Taylor wanted it. She needed something her Dad and Grandpa worked on in her house.

This is today's project. He has one shelf up earlier in the month and now this one is going up. WE keep pots and chemicals and garden tools in the shed. Perfect place to get things out of the garage and up off the floor. Plus it keeps him busy. He works good one day and three days of not doing anything. Part of the disease and fatigue.

Here is my weeds. Queen Anne's Lace. Are they pretty.

Daylillies are just starting to open. This is a deep colored one.

Laundry going and helping Jeff with a pair of hands when he needs it. Need to be cleaning and sewing and here I am on the computer for the tenth time today. Bye! Chris

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