Monday, June 11, 2012

Went Shopping

No pictures but a link to a website of where we went. We live in NW Illinois and about 55 miles North of where we live is a quilt shop. some may recognize the name of it. The quilts shop is named Sew Many Antiques. It is in Pearl City, Illinois. The owner Vicki Olsen has Yellow Creek Quilt Designs.

She has some of the best executed quilts I have ever seen. Her displays are lovely and she has quite a selection of fabrics to choose from. The town is about 400 people and yet it is a nice store in the middle of Northern Illinois. It is about 34 miles west of Rockford, Illinois. If you are into Jo Morton and Kim Diehl styled quilts you will love her shop. She has her own designs and was at Market this Spring.

I found some small shirting prints and bought 5 of them to go with some of the fabrics I have. I told my mom I could spend about $500 in the real quick like. We had a nice outing and yet we were only gone a couple hours.

Check out her website and see what I mean. Chris

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