Monday, June 25, 2012

The Cleaning Tornado showed up

My cleaning Tornado's name is Taylor. We had done some more sorting between visits and she decided last night it had to be done. The ironing board was put up before she got here and some of the tubs with the cut pieces were up on the shelves. This was piled almost to the bottom shelf. Now you can see the table that was under all the mess.

The computer area is still the same. I had some books out to print out patterns. I got told I have to make lists now of the quilt ideas I have. Oh My Me!!!!

The shelves need some tweaking, but another day. Growing up in a house with four kids she had the neatest room of all of them. She goes to Dad's and cleans there. He has paperwork all over and she cleans it up so he has to ask her where she puts things.

The wall space to the left of the computer is about 4X6 feet. I think I am going to try and get something for a design wall there. I think it will be to my advantage to have one.

This is till a small room about 10X11ft. The advantage I have is the walls we put up shelves and the closet has shelves in it too. The counter tops Jeff has put in has helped also. Now if I can find everything and can get some time in here to sew. LOL

We have watered our yard and now we have to mow it today. Where we live we don't pay for water, but it goes a long way to help the garden and the flower beds. The kids like to mow and use the weed eater so we will be outside before it gets to hot today and get it done. With two extra pairs of hands it should go fast.

You wanted progress pictures so here they are. Not picture perfect, but a better and more usable space for me right now. Take Care Chris

ps. Thank You Taylor Jean Grandma loves you


Valerie said...

Awww lol* Looks great ;) I'm jealous you have an actual room! My sewing room is more of a corner...I've been asking the Husband to put up walls and a door for me so hopefully I'll have my own "room" soon!

Katie M. said...

Sew nice - it's always a good feeling to get things accomplished. My GD said she'd help me rearrange, but I think I'd probably end up with more mess than organization :-)