Monday, September 24, 2012

Age old Story and the law

Yes the subject was read about in another blog recently. Authors of and Author of a quilt book were offended by the use of a copyrighted book to gain money and what is called mass production of that pattern. I am not a lawyer and never will be. I am not here to question the law by any means, but is a line drawing fair game for use or a block that was used 125 years ago copyrighted?

This author whom I will not mention because I am not defending her or the blog poster, says anything she has in printed matter is copyrighted.

Well is this what is wrong with out society? We want the rights and the glory and yet does it really belong to us as individuals. This is almost as bad as the attorneys that follow ambulances to the ER.

I will never be an author and I try to give credit in my posts if I use even a small part of another person's ideas or patterns in my blog. The question I have with all of this is a 9-patch copyrighted??? Not after all this time, but others who publish this type of pattern in their books feel they have the rights to the pattern.

The EQ programs also leave a big question if they are copyrighted because several can use them and maybe all come up with the same design. Where does it stop????? Chris

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Katie M. said...

It really borders on ridiculous what some people will do for a dollar. I'm with you, if I've used a pattern from a site or a book, I give credit. But all quilt blocks have the same 'shapes' and I don't think triangles, squares, rectangles and the like are 'copyrighted'...... just my opinionsm