Thursday, September 6, 2012

More stitching

Here are 6 of these string pieced panels. I am going to make them into place mats and I need to get them pressed starched so they are all the same width and trimmed to be the same length. I think I am going to cut a narrow strip and stitch on all four sides in a small black print. Then I plan on making some small either HST blocks or small 4 patch blocks to border on the outside. We refinished our dinning room table several years ago and the porcelain plates I have have a rough edge on the bottoms. With kids here all the time I want something on the table to protect the finish.

Where has this week gone? Here it is Thursday evening all ready and I feel like it should be Tuesday. I guess I lost a day or two over the Dr's appointment deal and not getting that done when we thought we were suppose to.

I am going out to the laundry room now and make some spray starch to get these panels press properly. Chris

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