Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Checking in

Checking in and some sewing and some major pain. Yes you read that right. I have gotten these place mats to this point and need find some backing for them and get them finished. The string piecing in the center wasn't enough for the size I wanted. I bordered it with a black print and then I had all these HST's pieced but not trimmed. So I got them out and trimmed away until I had enough. Better size now and yet they are not to big. The pain part. Well I pulled a "Chris". I think I can do everything and as I get older I can't. We moved the wooden steps from my neighbors house to our house on dollies and that went fine. After it was beefed up and rebuilt with more wood we went to pick it up to put it back on the dollies and I slipped and fell to my right knee.

I hit the inside of my left arm on one of the steps and it is really bruised. My right knee is swollen and my back and right hip hurt like heck. As I said I pulled a "Chris".

Jeff said why do you do that stuff. So I have to talk to him before we do this again so we have our signals straight to avoid this kind of injury again. I will heal, but there isn't enough heating pads and pain meds to cover the discomfort right now. Didn't sleep well last night because of it. Oh Well!

Today I am suppose to take my Mom shopping and we have a road trip to get there. Should be an interesting day. LOL

Hope all of you are smarter than me and have no injuries going on. Chris

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