Friday, September 21, 2012

Foolish me couldn't resist

Freezer paper fusing. Yes I am trying a different quilt for hand work. I am winding down on the EPP that I made with the Zinnias Forever quilt.
This is a Kim Diehl pattern. I have had this book for a longtime and decided I needed a different project to pick up and work on. Still not decided if I want to hand or machine applique. I am using elements from this quilt to make it different.
Here is the double 9 patch block I made for my first sample. I plan on one applique block. Not sure if doing it by hand or by machine at this point.
Here are the elements for this first two blocks. We have to go to the lumberyard today so we will see how far I get with this process.

I plan on making some vegetable beef soup today. It is cool and time for a change from all the salads and sandwiches. I plan on canning the soup in quart jars for later use also. I found out you can can the soup for 75 minutes at 10# of pressure and it will last for a long time. Hope you have a great day. It is cloudy here and suppose to rain. Chris

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Katie M. said...

I wish I had the patience for hand work.... I have Kim Diehl book and every once in a while I pull it out and dream that someday I will make one of her quilts - they aren't complicated and I know I can do them on the machine......
Oh and the soup??? I love homemade soup. Never thought about canning it, may have to give that a try.