Thursday, September 6, 2012

Boy did I make a mistake

Yesterday my husband was suppose to have a procedure done at the hospital. The Friday before we went to the Dr's office and he wanted to do it next week. Well we got up and ready got to the hospital and we weren't on the schedule in admitting. So they called the department and they said we were on the schedule for the 19th. I didn't take my paper with me so I didn't know for sure. Well guess what the Dr. wanted it for this next week, but the medical assistant made it for the 19th. I should have had the paper with me and I should have looked at it better. So our whole day was shot because we were geared up to get this over and done with.

So in two weeks we go through this again.
We got 8/10 of and inch of rain the other day and we needed it. It is a little to late for the farmers, but the yards and gardens needed it. Suppose to be cooler today also. We had mowed on Tuesday evening and I have trim mowing to get done today as soon as the grass dries out.

We wanted to finish the staining on the deck, but the heat got to use the other day and then it was wet yesterday so maybe we can accomplish that today also.

You should be proud of me. I haven't been to the new fabric store yet that opened on the 31st. It is a Joann's. To begin with with all our expenses and the deck we haven't had a lot of extra cash laying around. So I haven't been tempted to get into using what little money I have. I am doing with what I have. I am proud of myself. The next time I go to town I may just walk through it to see what they have.

I do garment sewing also so the fact I can find a zipper or hem tape easier is a plus for me.

I have a bunch of corduroy and I want to make a barn jacket for me. I think I will look for a pattern for a jacket. I really do like garment sewing, but haven't done a whole lot of it since my granddaughter wants ready made clothing. I also need to make some heavier shirts for my husband. He wears in layers and some flannel shirts or a corduroy shirt might be in order there also.

Well I need to get myself in gear to get something done today hopefully it is a wrong thing. LOL Chris

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