Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Home again

Well we didn't go very far. Only about 5 miles away. My husband had a procedure done this morning at the hospital. We left about 6:10 am and returned by 9:30 am. He is sleeping on the couch and I am tempted to lay down also. 3:45 am was early for me. I woke up before the alarm went off.

Everything went fine and don't return to doctor for a year.
I took some hand sewing with me and got a little farther with a scrappy hexagon quilt I am making by hand. I am at a stand still with it for now until I get some more colors cut for it.

We had frost this morning. So I guess Fall is here officially if not current with the calender. It was on the roofs here. I think it was predicted for low lying areas and we are low along the river. Won't be long now that we will be hauling out winter gear and getting ready to be snowed in. After all the heat and drought this Summer I am ready for some cooler weather, but not -30* F weather though. Stay warm Chris

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