Friday, September 28, 2012

Little of this and a little of that

Here is the progress that is going on. I have three projects in the works and none of them are close to being done. Shame on me. I have been cutting and stitching every minute I can find and some minutes I need to be doing something else.
Today I need to vacuum and get the big chunks up and then I need to spend some time with my Mother. She has had a bad case of allergies lately and she needs groceries. So today is the day. We are going to go see what is available for her to fix on a quick go to meals. She hates to cook anymore.
The hand applique is being done during the night watching TV.
The cutting and piecing is going well in the morning for an hour or so. The pieces still need a hexie appliqued in the center to cut out the huge bump. Lots of bright colors going on here.
I really need to get some of this pulled together and get this show on the road. I am going to go and get ready to go shopping. yipppppeeeeee!!!!!! Chris

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