Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lots going on today

Where do I start? I have had these pieced for a while now and they were just sitting there in a pile. They needed pressing into submission. When you do so many strip pieces together they become an accordion.  
I got out the starch and made some weakened spray starch out of the old fashion kind of liquid starch. I sprayed them good and pressed them into a more normal shape that I can square them up and make into place mats.
After pressing they do cooperate better. Now I want to get them all measured and trimmed to a rectangular shape that will work.  
This is a picture of the back side of my house from this Spring. Well it is going to change some today. We currently have a sliding glass door on the back side of the house and we were given a French Door system. Today is the day to take the old door out. We have someone that wants the door for their house and so it is a switch that will happen over a couple days.
The inside has been prepared for demolition. All the trim and caulking has been taken off. So it is just screwed in the opening now. We have a neighbor that well come and help get the old one out and set the new one in place. He is the recipient of the old door we are taking out. So as the steps are going on we will be taking pictures and I will show you the upgrade to the back of my house.

Also I received some new to me chairs. They are platform rockers. I got rid of a love seat last night and so I have a little more room in my living room. We had huge furniture and it wasn't easy to place in the room with all the doors and open spaces in the way. At some point I plan on making slip covers for these chairs. We will see how soon that happens. I want to paint and also new drapes. I know I want I want! Not much sewing will happen today. I need to get dressed and get a few dishes taken care of and get something in the crock pot for supper. So off to the races. Later. Chris

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Katie M. said...

don't work too hard - and I love to recycle, repurpose or whatever it's being called these days......