Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Have I lost my mind? Well maybe!

Why would anyone do this? Make 3.5 inch squares and then piece then together? Well here is what I did. I had made all the blocks for the applique quilt and these were still hanging around. I have used them in other blocks and I decided since most of the fabric was in strips to keep sewing. Insane well maybe. They are pieces that are both prints. No solid .
They then come together with neutral fabrics to make a bigger block. Lots of tans and browns and shades of red. definitely country in look. There is a another pieced block to go with it, but I have to cut a lot of 1/4 square triangles for it. As I pick up a piece of fabric I am cutting pieces off of it for this. Yes I said I would finish some things well I told you it would be hard to do.

I started yesterday to do some garment sewing for myself and I am at a stand still until I get to the fabric store again. Today I will do some cleaning in between some sewing.

I have some applique pieces ready to glue baste in place. So I will start with the prep for another of the applique blocks. So when I sit to watch TV tonight I have my hands busy.

Rain coming in for the next three days so we will get to the outside work first then the cleaning. We got the garden all cleaned up last night. Dug another 12 pounds of potatoes yesterday. This was a second crop. We weren't sure it they would grow. Some are small, but they will all cook up well.

My scrap buckets still are full. I guess I don't sew fast enough to get them cleaned out. What is wrong with me?? My mind is on overtime right now. LOL Chris  

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Katie M. said...

Chris, did you not know that scraps are like Dust Bunnies? They multiply when you aren't looking :-)
I like the county look of your blocks.