Thursday, October 11, 2012


Well here is the project for today. I sent Jeff outside to mulch up leaves and I am tackling the china cabinet. Washed the mirrors and the shelves already. Now onto the rest of what was in it.
This is only part of it. Why does a person collect stuff like this???? It all has to be dusted or washed and placed back in the cabinet.
I finally decided to fill the sink with soapy water and do most of it that way. Many of the things belonged to my Mother's Mother and some I have collected over time. I have a small amount that was my Mother-in-law's also. I have been given salt and pepper shakers as gifts and I don't use them, but the person that gave them to me comes to visit all the time.

My boys don't want any of it and their significant others don't want it until the kids are raised so Grandma keeps all the stuff. I am down to cleaning it maybe once a year now so I need to see about getting rid of some of it. Off to wash some more of it before lunch. Chris

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