Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Everything but sewing is going to go on.

We are cutting back flowers and we have potatoes and beets to get dug up. So today the sewing will have to wait until after dinner.
I am getting old and the racking is killing me. We have two huge pine trees to the side of our neighbors property and they are to the west of us. The wind has been blowing from the west and the needles from the trees are raining down on our yard.
I have racked about 15 bushel basket of needles and only about 1/3 done with it. The one good thing is we use them in the flower beds for mulch. When they get wet they mess together and form a good barrier for weeds to not grow through. Not everyone can use then because of the soil conditions. We live on limestone so our ph in the soil  is low. The needles are acidic so it balances out the ph balance and we get pretty good soil that way.
We have the second bed prepared so today before it rains we want to get out and get the second bed done. Then only one more to do. Next Spring we can sit back and just look at the flowers as they emerge and less work to do.
If I get to the sewing sooner because of rain I will let you know. Chris

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