Sunday, October 7, 2012

All them stitched

Well they all have their white edges to make them rectangle. I realized I hadn't washed the sashing fabric and with it mostly black decided I had better do it. So it is in the washer now and will get dried in a few minutes.

The grandkids are coming today later so I put the blocks away and the fabric can be folded later and put on the shelf. She hasn't noticed it yet.

Decided I would make chicken and noodles in case they are hungry. Dean and Taylor both like it. Derek will pick at it. I make egg noodles from scratch so it tastes really good. I don't need all the carbs but once in a while it is ok.

I made stuffed peppers last night and it was good for a change. It is all veggies and some meat. Fall weather and more comfort food is in order. Chris

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