Sunday, October 28, 2012

Disfunctional Families

We had a pleasant surprise today. Jeff's oldest daughter called and asked if she could come visit. She will be 37 years old in a few days and she hasn't been to our house since she was 16 years old. Mind you we have seen her at family functions, but not to visit one on one.

My husband had been married before I met him and he had three children. We see the son all the time, but the girls were a different story. As teenagers both girls lived with us and didn't like my rules. So they left and didn't come back. Sad to say they have lost out on a lot of family time with their Dad.

Amazing how at some point they all grow up and figure out time has slipped away. I feel bad for the girls because their Dad was about ready to write them off. So glad Ami decided to come today.

Hopefully she remembers the door is open and she can return any time.

Teenage years are difficult even if your parents are together , but when the riff between them never gets resolved it is really hard. My step kids are pretty good kids and two of them have made good choices with their spouses and are happy. All any parent or step parent wants for their kids is to be happy. Chris

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Katie M. said...

Your "disfunctional families" title reached out and grabbed me. I have sometimes thought that way about my 'combined' family and then when I talk to others, I'm beginning to believe we are more the norm than the exception! Hopefully, your stepdaughter will come to know her dad as an adult and appreciate him (and you).