Thursday, October 4, 2012

Finishing work on the door

We ran into an issue with the door opening into the room. The door swept over the carpet and drug. So my husband wants to take out the carpet and place tile there. So in the mean time he cut the carpet and took the pad out from underneath and made a frame work of the carpet to tack down the carpet cut edges until we find the tile we want.
Here is a picture of the door from the outside. This is called a french door, but it only opens on one side. We can only handle the door opening on one side. We have a fireplace to the right of the door and it shouldn't be open to the wind. It does have a screen that slides like the sliding glass door screen which at some point we will change.  
Here is the picture from the steps he built last year. I would like to add some coach lights on the back of the house on either side of the door. We need to replace the one fixture that is there. My house is on display on three sides so it should look nice on all three sides.
We are to get two days of cold hard frost and this is the last of the flourish of the Grape Hyacinth Bean flowers. In a few days they will be ugly. Not ready for Winter but the door is in now so we are farther along with out getting ready for Winter to-do list. Chris

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