Friday, October 5, 2012

Where has this week gone?

We have been busy and yet doesn't seem like a lot got done. Some major projects got completed and I guess they took up most of our time.

I have been pretty tired and not sewn a lot lately. Need to get that to the top of the list again. Dishes, laundry and cleaning seem to take up all the free time I have had between taking out doors and replacing them.

I have some things on my sewing table that need completing before I go to much farther. I have been starting to many things at once and nothing is finished.

We had a Joann's open up in town about 6 miles from me and I haven't even set foot in the store. It has been open about 3 weeks. I must be sick or something like that. I guess I am not in need of anything right now so I am waiting until I have a purpose of going in there.

I do need to make some clothing for me. I have fabric sitting here and I need to get going on some things for Winter. I have flannel and corduroy that I want to make in shirts and I even have the buttons. So maybe in the next couple weeks I can get going on that project. Hope you are all well. Chris

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