Monday, October 22, 2012

Cutting and scrapping

I have really been cutting a lot of small stuff up. These are 9 inch blocks when finished. So it is using a lot of small stuff to get these made. I like the challenge to see if I can get enough for a quilt without using larger pieces to cut off of.
As you can see it will be a darker quilt. More masculine in my estimation. But not a lively bright colored one. My country looks are appealing to several that see it. To me they look old and warm feeling.

I have been trying to help outside to get the flowerbeds done. We have hauled tons of debris to the trash dump. We are about two days to having all of it done and hauled. It is raining today so it will be and inside day. We need to recover from all the labor we have done of late.

I went to the grocery store and bought meat on sale so today I need to divide it up for freezing. As soon as I get done here I will get that started.

I did some hand applique this morning. I have blocks to finish for another quilt and then I need to spend time inside and get things finished up ready to quilt. The outside work has taken a lot of time away from sewing.
Hope everyone has a great day. Chris

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