Friday, October 19, 2012


No pictures today. I have been cutting scraps and trying to make blocks. Then yesterday morning my iron quit. I figured back and it is over 18 years old. It gets turned on for hours at a time and sometimes even over night by accident. That isn't a good thing. So this morning I got out another iron.

Well this one turns off with no activity going on. No reset on the iron you have to unplug it and replug it in. Pain in the back side when you are on a roll sewing. Finally I got another one out I have had for about 15 years. None of them take steam anymore. I own a spray bottle and keep it handy.

I have two nightgown T shirts I bought several years ago and I love them to sleep in. They are not to long to get tangled in your legs or the covers. One is in shreds and so I cut it apart today. I wanted to use up some cotton/poly knit I had and I am 18 inches to short to get the two main pieces out of it. Yes I can piece a piece in, but I am not convinced I want to do that. The more seams you have the more  places the seams will break in rolling around in a bed. May have to finally break down and do it though.

I have three colors in the same weight of knit so maybe they will be color blocks made into nightgowns. No one else will have any like them. Maybe a "Fashion Statement"

I have been sorting through my stash on my shelves and pulling out small pieces that need to be used up. Refolding the fabric and placing it back on the shelves looks good, but we will see how long it lasts.

I know when I go places to look for blues and more gold colors. I am low on them and to round out the color palette. I need a few oranges to rusts also. I am always looking for neutrals. Yes I know the new neutral is gray. Have to think about that some.

The weather is gloomy and the TV has new programs, but they don't even interest me. The prediction for our area for this winter is dry again. I don't like shoveling snow but the trees and the farmers need the moisture. We live in corn country and if the farmers are not happy no one is happy. Time will tell.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Chris

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